Mellow Yellow

1⁄2 oz. Midoir Liqueur
6 – 8 pineapple chunks
1 3⁄4 oz. Concannon
1⁄2 oz. simple syrup
1⁄2 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. orange juice

Crush the pineapple and simple syrup in base of the shaker.

Add ice and other ingredients, shake hard and double strain pour over ice.

Serve tall with pineapple wedge and 3 pineapple leaves.


Meet The Mixologist:

This cocktail was created by Master Mixologist Gillian Boyle, Head Bartender at the Westin Hotel’s world famous Mint Bar in Dublin, Ireland. Gillian represents the new breed of bartenders in Ireland that appreciate Irish Whiskey not only as a standalone libation, but as a canvas for a variety of both traditional as well as innovative drinks. We hope you enjoy Gillian’s creations as much as we do!